We are a purely Czech company focusing on handmade custom production of art glass. In our studio, we combine the traditional glassmaking craft with modern 3D technologies, and thanks to that, we are able to imprint your story and your ideas into the product exactly as you wish. The final product can therefore be unique to you - with a distinctive shape, graphic design, and technological execution.


First, we will get on the same page. We will show you our samples that we have in the studio and our electronic product database. If you have your own idea, together we will make it a reality using 3D modelling. If you don't, no problem - we have plenty of ideas and a great flair for original design.


The price of the product is mainly determined by the technology used, the difficulty of the shape, and the size. We will offer you a solution tailored to your needs and show you all the possibilities and differences. We will set a budget and start modelling the product. Once the modelling is approved, the final price will be set.


We will guide you through the whole process - you choose every detail yourself: shape details, colour, cut, and much more. We will advise you on everything. You will see your product from all angles.


Of course, we can also tailor the product to your financial requirements. You can divide the payment into two parts - a 50% deposit and the remaining amount paid during handover.


When it comes to the production process, we emphasize the highest quality of work and materials. Throughout the process, we rely on the years of experience and professionalism of our experts. We honour the traditional glassmaking craft.


The usual production time depends on the size of the order. You will receive the finished product in a gift box. We will hand the product over to you personally, or send it to you in an insured package.

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