Shardart is a design company based in the Czech Republic. We focus on the production of unique cut glass objects. Our products are created under the skilled hands of our craftsmen. The brand is divided into limited series and custom production.

We are three friends who share an interest in design. There are several factors behind the creation of the company - the glass town we are from, our shared studies, and the desire to maintain but also modernize the Czech glassmaking heritage.

"We emphasize the beauty of craftsmanship and want to raise awareness of the Czech glassmaking tradition."


Let us introduce you to the man without whom our project couldn't have been created - Filip. Filip comes from the very heart of the Czech glassmaking tradition, Nový Bor, where he studied cut glass design. He has been working with glass for more than 7 years.

His main focus is cutting, which he uses to create unique pieces from already blown glass products. Filip has not only "golden hands" but also an extraordinary imagination, and when combined, these two qualities create true art.

"I would never sell a piece that I wouldn't buy myself."


This brings us to the founders, Richard and Petr, classmates from the Czech Technical University in Prague. Richard came up with the idea of starting a company. He presented it to Petr, and that is how Shardart was born.

These two young students complement each other perfectly and together they come up with original ideas, whether it comes to marketing, business strategy, or the actual creation of new products.